Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sentosa Island, smashing into a crab and rooftop cocktails!

The day had finally come that I wasn't sure what to do with, and the reason I had the opportunity to be on this trip of a lifetime. I woke up early and the weather was looking great so the plan to go to Sentosa Island was perfect. Lottie and I got there at about 11.30am and had a wander around the beach while we decided what we fancied getting tickets for. After walking past a bar setting up for a wedding we stopped at the Wave Bar, where a surfing wave provided some background entertainment and we chilled out gassing the world away.

The tickets worked out best to do the activities after 2.30, and there is so much to walk around we went across a rope bridge to a smaller island and took some pictures on a palm tree!! We had a walk around the butterfly gardens, hoping for some air con but sadly there was just more sweating, but the butterflies were massive and so pretty. We petted a massive tortoise which I thought was lucky? We raced down the luge, which Lottie won and did a little more wandering before meeting her parents to get the cable car to Faber Mount Park for a beer.

The views from the cable car were amazing, they are currently moving the port from next to Sentosa to the other side of the city and it was really impressive how the whole thing operates and the engineering of the city. The cable car even goes through the middle of a building! We had a corona in the Jewel Box bar overlooking Sentosa, the port and oil refinery and by chance got a romantically decorated cable car back to Vivo shopping centre for a cab back.

After a quick cool down and change we headed back out to China town for chilli crab. We went to a restaurant on Pagoda Street and I can honestly say I have never enjoyed working for my food as much as tucking into this crab!! I got so messy my hands were burning from the chilli but it was absolutely delicious!! I will definitely be trying to imitate cooking it in the uk sometime, and Lottie has the bibs in her case for me to make it authentic. We shared a mixture of other things including spring rolls, won ton, cereal prawns and sweet and sour pork. I had a quick wander in the street shops and got a kimono as a momento and it was time for more drinks!

We went to a couple of Antony and Chris's favourite new bars, The Screening Room which is a rooftop bar that also shows films on the floor below and then Ying Yang. We stuck our heads into a karaoke bar but Lottie and I couldn't handle it for a whole drunk so called it a night.

A perfect Singapore Saturday :)

Love Nikki xXx

Sore heads and The Script

Not surprisingly both Lottie and I were very hungover when we woke up so had a lazy day by the pool. Chris, Lotties mum made a sandwich lunch which we enjoyed by the pool to start recovering and had my first experience of sunbathing while it rained, the rain was still warm!

We had tickets to see The Script in the evening at the The Stadium, which is a 5 minute walk from their apartment. We had some dinner at Brewworks before the concert, a western style restaurant on the stadium complex and headed in (on time!) for the gig to start. Singaporeans are notoriously late for everything and leave early so may have been surprised that there was a support band for the first time at the concert. The support was a local band, singer was a little like a Singaporean Natalie Umbrulia but they were not great!

The Script were very good and really whipped up the high pitched screaming crowd a lot with swearing and bad behaviour...they swore 3 times and phoned one of the girl in the crowds ex and sang a song down the phone. It is quite a controlled country so swearing and things are quite frowned upon! Danny (he's the singer for those who aren't Script fans!) came out for the on core from the crowd in the aisle where we were sitting!! Antony (Lotties dad) was near the edge and was arms length from him, I doubt this would happen in the Uk as he made his way right through the seats and standing area in the middle in half a song.

We walked back to the apartment after the gig and took the dogs for a walk, well Digby was in his buggy as 'he's only got three legs' poor little man! It was a really still night so I tried getting some practise with the camera in night mode and got some good pics of the skyline reflected in the reservoir. I can only upload photos from my phone at the moment so the camera ones are hopefully better!!

Love Nikki xXx

Friday, 29 March 2013

I want to be a tiger girl!!

I can certainly say I've had a night out in Singapore, Lottie definitely knows how to party!!

After getting ready with a cheeky vodka and tonic we got a taxi to Lau Pa Sat, a hawker centre or street food market. They close the road and put out plastic tables where the people working politely claim you when they seat you! Various different stall sellers being you their menus and we chose a variety of satay prawn and chicken, a spicy chicken noodle and sweet and sour fish from 3 different places. All the food was amazing, the prawns were huge!! There are also tiger girls walking round selling jugs of beer, I quite liked then outfits and fancied being a tiger girl!! (Although would customise it to be made in cotton not polyester!!)

After filling our tummies we jumped in another taxi to the famous Raffles hotel to have a Singapore Sling in the long bar. To be honest is was a little sweet for me but couldn't not have one, or try to eat my weight in monkey nuts, traditionally throwing the shells on the floor! We then hopped over the road to the New Asia Bar on top of the Swiss Bank building. I googled that it is 226m high and on the 71st floor!! The views were impressive and we made the most of the 'free' drink with the $30 entrance fee by ordering 2 glasses of champagne...this may have given us a taste for it as had another 2 bottles in the evening, one kindly bought by a young professional Bajan guy!! It is the same price to drink it here as wine so why not?!

We had a bit of a dance, met some interesting people and experienced the Singapore nightlife. The club turned into a bit of a meat market towards the end with the young European men seeming to have a bit of an arrogant attitude but still a cracking night as we got in at 4.30am!!

Love Nikki xXx

Buildings and bike rides

Well what a day!! I am loving Singapore, the heat has taken a little getting used to but I am fascinated by the massive buildings.

We had a little bit of a laze by the pool in the morning to wake up and then got on bikes for a ride into the city at midday. The bike ride is around the edge of the reservoir and across the barrage, with some amazing views of the city, I love the mix of industry and greenery, makes it feel like without the buildings the island would be a jungle! We stopped off at Satay by the Bay for lunch where Lottie, her mum and I shared a mix of satay sticks, chicken and rice and a type of soft spring roll which was yummy.

After parking the bikes up near the art and science museum, which is a funny hand shaped building, we did a little shopping in marina bay sands shopping centre. Swiftly walking through Louis Vuitton as we were a bit of a sweaty mess by this point. We got some bits and pieces in Charles and Keith, the only shop i could afford anything in! Then headed back to the apartment, chilled on the balcony and to got ready for a night out...

Thursday, 28 March 2013

First night fun!

After the 12 hour flight and a little mix up with where I was meeting Lottie we found each other and headed to Costa Rhu where her parents live. Had a little dinner, quick shower and headed out for some drinks in Clarke Quay.

Clarke Quay was interesting, a huge mix of people with lots of different theme bars under a canopy. We sat and had a bottle of wine and did some 'hooker watching' one of Lotties mums favourite things!! Took people watching to a whole new level!! They are quite discreet and will walk by looking for men sat alone, we had a an sat on his own next to is but sadly no match was made!

After some wine we walked back towards the apartment via Boat Quay with ice cream and then had a nose in The Fullerton Hotel (where the picture of me was taken). When we got back to the apartment we sat on the balcony until 3am and then went to bed.

Of the 26 things I have done No.13, as it was so hot last night!! ;)

Love Nikki xXx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I've arrived!

Just a quick post making use of the airport wifi but I have arrived!! Ate way too much on the plane but good flight and a great seat. No doubt will enjoy a drink or two with Lottie and family later on tonight :) love Nikki

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Here goes...

So this is it! With just over 2 days until I board a plane I thought I had better get a wriggle on with starting the much promised Chapter 26 blog, so here goes...

Chapter 26 - the name came after a few drinks and talk with the girls over what the trip means to me, those of you who know me will know that the last 6 months have been a bit of a challenge and that this is a bit of a new start for me. So being 26 and flying on the 26th snowballed into a bucket list of 26 things being scribbled on the back of a menu, signed and witnessed by my beautiful girls. This is the first (and only thing) I have packed so far!! While I am away I will keep you updated with where I am, what I am doing and how many of the bucket list have been completed - some of which will have to be referred to by number only as no doubt my technical 'G'ma' will be reading!

I start my adventure in Singapore, where Lottie is already visiting her parents and has lot's of fun stuff planned for us to do. Then after 5 days I fly onwards to Brisbane where the start of the East Coast exploring begins with Miranda, who I am beyond excited to see after almost 6 months since her visit back to the UK.

All there is left to do is pack my bags, a couple of days at work and collect my travel money!!

Love Nikki (Badders) xXx