Friday, 26 April 2013

360 lunch and comedy night at the opera house

Woke early and had cuppa in bed, breakfast on the balcony and Ed arranged for us to meet his step mothers, second husbands daughter, Janet for coffee in the city before our lunch at the 360 restaurant. Truthfully I was dreading it after hearing hours of Eds tales about people Miranda didn't know let alone me, the day before but Janet was really lovely. A 70 year old ex French teacher but really interested in travel and had met John previously. She took us to a cute French cafe for coffee and a cake and was helpful in pointing out where to get the lift to the 360 restaurant. She was really happy we had met her as plans the day before had fallen through and Miranda summed it up by saying she would have been a lovely grandmother had she had children.

The 360 restaurant was in the tower of Westfield shopping centre and was absolutely amazing, both for the views and the food. The lift was tiny as expected and a wedge shape as it goes up the needle of the tower. The restaurant floor revolves giving a 360 view in 70 mins of the city and we had chosen a great day as the sky was clear we could see as far the blue mountains. We shared a pork belly starter, Miranda had John Dory and I had steak with wine. We were both surprised at the portions sizes being quite big so cancelled desert and enjoyed the view a little longer before heading back down. My favourite bit was darling harbour and looking over the smaller waterways you don't really see from the city. I would really recommend it to anyone who visits the city, it was $50 for 2 courses and glass of wine and a longer experience than the sky deck etc.

After getting our bearings of the city we headed to the opera house and took some pictures and then went for a lie down in the botanical gardens. It was good to see the landmarks in better weather and it is so clean everywhere.

We got the train back to Eds and cracked open the sparkling merlot for pre comedy gala drinks. Ed enjoyed the sparkling merlot with us on the balcony and dropped us to the station before he went out with his friends.

The opera house and harbour bridge looked fabulous at night all lit up and we were glad we got dress up. Although the opera house only had minimal lights as miranda said it is often fully lit in different colours. The comedy gala was great apart from the host said the F word every second word, Stephen K Amos opened the gala and we generally liked all the acts apart from a random skit couple. It was a perfect set up with each act having 5/10 mins with the idea being you book to see their full show in the rest of the gala. There were about 12 acts in total but the most bizarre thing was at the end the host was singing and out came David hasslehoff!! Such a random end to the night!!

We grabbed a cheeky Maccas before going to the apartment to bed.

Love Nikki xXx

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