Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A day of 2 halves!

We were all a little worse for wear in the morning and sadly a fry up wasn't quite what miranda needed. Good job there were doctors with nausea tablets about as they did the trick and we were back out on the farm saving and feeding lambs. We spotted a lamb in the long grass that could barely stand so took it round to the heard to see if a sheep would claim it, a Morino did and seemed to be getting on ok when we left.

Kath cooked up a lamb Sunday roast which was yummy and we headed back to Brisbane. We stopped at a picnic area with a lookout to the 'great dividing range' named because explorers couldn't get over it. Quinnie and Kirky dropped us at Mirandas friends Diana and Camellos in the city where we were staying to make it easier to get the van and so Miranda could catch up with them.

They had recently moved to Brisbane from Mooloolaba and Miranda worked with Diana at Augellos, they were a really lovely couple and so nice to let us stay. We went out for Japanese food at a really cool restaurant where you order via a computers screen and they bring the food to you. Then stopped for hot chocolate in south beach where we went on the first day I was in Australia! We had an early night as Diana and Camello had work and we were shattered!

Love Nikki xXx

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