Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bye bye camper, hello opera house!

We were woken up by torrential rain from about 5am and really struggled to get ourselves up and sorted without getting soaked. It wasn't ideal that it was also the day we had to return the van clean and out the bed away but we managed it with a lot of jigging about from front to back! The drive into Sydney was a bit of a challenge as the fan belt on the van was slipping when setting off and in the bad weather it was hard to see but we got to the drop off place on time and Mirandas uncle met us and took us back to his apartment in darling point.

After dropping our stuff at Eds, he drove us to paddington markets where we were meeting Sam, Miranda's work mate. We couldn't get hold of Sam and as there were hardly any stalls due to weather we decided to sod the rain and walk around the city, getting our bearings and stopped for coffees to warm up.

Turns out we were supposed to go to paddys markets in darling harbour which we stumbled across while trying to find the art museum. Which was really busy but Sam had left by the time we got there! We walked all around the harbour and got my first look at the harbour bridge and opera house. It was a real pinch myself moment as they are so iconic it was like being dropped in a postcard!

We wandered around the contemporary art museum in circular quay for a little culture, it was interesting and there were some weird things in there! There were also a lot of wedding parties around, being a Saturday and making the most of the iconic views in the breaks in weather. While we were trying to find our way back to Eds, looking at a map in our rain macs I spotted frank the tank running for a bus!! He was a fair distance away when I could confirm it was him so stopped Miranda calling out to him, what a small world!!

We walked most of it but it got dark so jumped in a taxi for the last bit. I had a nap when we got in before getting ready and we headed to kings cross to Ms G's restaurant on Sams recommendation. We were deciding to brave the rain and find the train station or get a taxi when a group of girls piled out of the lift in the building and were heading to kings cross too, they were really lovely and kindly paid for the taxi too as well as giving us tips on where to go!

The food in Ms G'd was really yummy, and the cocktails even better. We were well on out way when the food came but the lamb ribs were so good as well as a pork belly, squid and pineapple salad and some cute little pulled pork burgers! We then headed to hugos bar as recommended, for more cocktails and the barman got us up to the club for free after having chatting to him over our cocktails. It was pretty fancy and full of people from the horse racing. We had a bit of a dance and a yarn (chat) with some guys, Aussie guys seem pretty confident and full on. It was a really good night and we left as people were starting to get a bit worse for wear in the cross.

Love Nikki xXx

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