Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bye Port Douglas Hello Penthouse!

Our last day, or half day in Port Douglas. We packed up and dropped Debbie and Paul at Cairns airport as their flight to Sydney was earlier than ours back to Brisbane. After a little emotional goodbye from Debbie we headed into Cairns for a wander and some lunch. It was a bit drizzly so the wander was restricted to a shopping mall where James had previously spent ages in a crocodile leather shop when drunk and almost spent $200 on a belt. We popped back to this leather shop and it was the same sweet lady who chatted to James for ages last time, James was fairly tempted by the belt but more so by a croc leather hat strap with croc teeth decoration, in the end he decided against it as he didn't have his hat to measure it!!

We went to a nice surf club for lunch, where Miranda and I shared a squid salad and crispy beef noodle salad, the food is seriously good and healthy here. Then it was time to head back to the airport for another flight. Miranda and I had a moment of realisation when we went through the clouds that the last time we were in a plane we jumped out of it!! I think skydiving is something neither of us will ever forget, it was just so surreal, even that I lost to paper over rock and not being sure whether I went first or second is such an odd part of it!

We got back to Mooloolaba in good time and james went to bed before he started nights again. So after a bit of a chill Miranda and I went round to her friends house for dinner. It was a gorgeous penthouse apartment in Maroochydore, just up the sunny coast. Her Scottish friend Ashley picked us up and I met another 5 of their friends, Becca who cooked, JR Beccas boyfriend, Linda, Jessie and Louisa. All of them are doctors in various stages and from all over the place, although it is a small world as Jessie is from Newbury where I grew up and lived a mile away from my first childhood home! Becca cooked a lovely pie and tasty desert and it was really fun getting to know them all, JR was very chatty and knowledgable, although Becca pulled him up on some things! Everyone's accents are so mixed where they have mellowed and added a little Aussie. It was really lovely to meet the friends I have heard about and put faces to names :)

Love Nikki xXx

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