Friday, 19 April 2013

Byron Bay

After a heavy late night we woke up pretty hot and sweaty so made the most of it and headed down to Byron Bay. It didn't take too long and a Maccies frappe did the trick to kick the hangover before it could start! We found somewhere to park, paying the appropriate parking this time and enjoyed some sun baking. I also got reading a little more of the good book Lottie recommended and enjoyed some dips in the sea. We had some lunch on a beach front bar and changed ready for a walk up to the lighthouse.

The walk was pretty hilly and tiring on a few hours sleep but well worth the view and to be at the most easterly point in Australia, just need to come back and do the north, south and west! After working up a bit of a sweat we went to find our campsite, which was an absolute dive and pretty much a car park for Jucy Vans. Maybe if we hadn't had such a heavy night the one before we would have stayed but it started to drizzle and Miranda recalled one of her dads phrases 'don't shag it to death' basically get out while its we did as headed south to Coffs Harbour.

It rained almost all the 3 hour drive but with an impressive storm in the clouds. The lightening was like a blanket in the sky and lit the whole cloud as well as some forks. We also spotted the 'Big Prawn' on route! We found a campsite online and checked in and went for cheap 'feed' before a cosy camper night, we even took our toothbrushes into the pub so we could run to the van and climb through to bed rather than having to get out again!

Love Nikki xXx

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