Saturday, 27 April 2013

Chilling at Bondi

We have been so busy I got behind on my blogs so the next couple are a little from memory and piecing together photos!

We had our flight to Melbourne in the evening and as we hadn't sunbaked on the beach in Bondi we went back to enjoy the sun for the day. After getting packed and putting a little washing on we got the train to Bondi.

It was a really chilled day, I was mostly Bondi rescue lifeguard sporting while Miranda was looking out for the Geordie Shore cast! I saw Kerrbox and Hoppo but none of the others unfortunately!

We had a nice Italian lunch overlooking the beach and headed back to the city. Ed kindly drove us out to the airport for our flight and it was only an hour and a bit to Melbourne.

Luckily we were rugged up in our matching Bondi hoodies we had purchased in a druken haze a few days earlier as it was chilly in Melbourne. We got the skybus to the city and walked to the YHA hostel on Flinders Street.

The hostel was quite modern and clean but our roommates had taken over the room with all their stuff! I had an Asian in the bunk above me, who I thought may not be eligible for an all girl dorm...and Miranda had a European girl below her. The Asian girl didn't speak and the European only said hi the first night.

Love Nikki xXx

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