Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cuddling koalas, befriending kangaroos and jetting around in Brisbane!!

We all got up reasonably early and all 5 of us were in the car on route to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary by 9am. The 5 were me, Miranda, James, Debbie and Paul, we are together until the end of the Port Douglas trip later in the week. Miranda expertly drove us there with James back seat navigating, literally not sarcastically!

Lone Pine is south of Brisbane and i was surprised at how many different animals they had, although can't decide which I liked more koalas or kangaroos!?! They have different areas for the koalas with the Bachelors, Oaps, Kindergarden, Pregnant and a general enclosure. Some were in the funniest positions to sleep in and others literally looked like they were smiling at you, I took so many pictures but have out a few oft favourites on here.

You had to pay for a picture with the koala but while they were doing the professional one we lined up and took loads with our own cameras. The koala was a lovely lady called Tinkerbell, she was so calm and seemed pretty happy to be cuddled. Cuddling a koala was also No.10 on the list so I am really racing through them now, although I didn't have the courage to hold a snake which was an option today...lets see how that goes later on!!

After cuddles with Tinkerbell we wandered to the general area where there were kangaroos, ostriches, wallabies, and various birds. James had kindly gone and bought some kangaroo food while we were all staring at the koalas earlier in the day, I think he has seen his fair share on trips with Miranda as she adores them to much!

Some of the kangaroos were really friendly and I seemed to be quite the too whisperer with a young one even holding my hand!! While Miranda and I entertained the cute ones we saw James chilling out with a bit of a loner roo under a tree... The sanctuary is really good and they have a kangaroo chill out area where people can't go, this was not surprisingly full as it is school holidays and they were probably fed up of being chased by children. There were also some pregnant and mummy Roos with joeys in their pouches, one had got in funny and just it's legs were hanging out!!

After Lone Pine we drove to Brett's Waef in Brisbane to catch the City Cat ferry to South Bank, a really cool way to see the city and it is used by commuters and tourists to get around. We had a quick lunch and my first Aussie pint of pale ale and headed back on the ferry as Miranda was working at 5.30. I cooked us all some dinner timed for Miranda getting in from work and James going to start his nights shifts.

After dinner Miranda and I went for a wander to the beach and watched the waves before getting back to the apartment, updating the blog and going to sleep before another adventure tomorrow...

Love Nikki xXx

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