Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ed's Eastern Suburbs tour and Bondi Drinking

It was such a different morning waking up, beautiful sunshine and gorgeous view of sydney. You can see the bridge and opera house from the balcony and it was a great spot to have breakfast before going for an explore.

Ed was keen to show us round the eastern suburbs of Sydney and took us on a very comprehensive tour of the different bays. He also knew some of the famous people's houses so we saw Nicole Kidman's place along with Mel Gibson's business partner, along with the different properties Ed had lived in and the homes of some of his enemies he had made in his years as chairman of the building he lives in. This may all sound a little mean and Ed is a lovely guy he is just very generous with his stories and conversation, he didn't even need a response from Miranda or I most of the time and often talked about irrelevant people and goes the long way round to a point.

Anyway we eventually got to Watsons Bay and had a lovely lunch at Doyles, sitting in the sun and drinking punch. Of course with more stories from Ed for entertainment! At one point I could tell Miranda had switched off and was planning her outfits for her trip with James or what to wear that evening, and I was right!! Ed dropped us at Bondi, by which time the sun had gone in so we sat in a coffee shop, with a double shot to wake us up and had a giggle about the afternoon.

It was a great little coffee/bar, bikini cafe and had wifi so I caught up on blogs and messages while Miranda phones James and her family. We then went on to wine and couldn't decide so the barman brought samples over which were pretty much glasses! We had a rose and then did the same with tasters of red and had another glass. The staff were really friendly and gave us recommendations in where to go next.

We went to Canteen on the beach front where a live band were playing, had some white sangria, tequila shots and more white wine. We chatted to a few people, Miranda met her boss's Aussie twin! I met an Aussie guy from Bondi who was cute but turned out to be a bit weird and after playing pool Miranda had a klepto moment and took $2 off the table, probably a good time to leave!

We couldn't find anywhere else that was busy so asked a couple of English guys who were heading back in the city for suggestions, they said Bondi was dead at that time and the city would be a better shout. We jumped in a taxi with them and they paid the fare which saved us $30 and then jumped in another taxi to darling harbour which was also quiet, so had a little wander and then headed back to eds as were a bit tipsy and made toasties.

Another funny day!

Love Nikki xXx

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