Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hello Australia!!

Well I was in luck on the flight as I had a whole row of 4 seats to myself, naturally I made the most of it and lied down almost the whole flight and tried to get some sleep and onto Aussie time.

I got through customs pretty quick (despite leaving my hand luggage in the loo and having to run back to get it...think I was still half asleep...oops!) and had the best present waiting for me at arrivals...Miranda!! She spotted my bright orange back pack instantly and had the biggest hug :) we chatted non stop all the way to Mooloolaba and I grabbed a quick shower and we continued but while Miranda showed me around the gorgeous town her and James call home at the moment.

They are literally 2 mins from the beach and an array of restaurants, it is so pretty. I also saw the restaurant where Miranda works and we will no doubt go for dinner one night. We grabbed some burgers from Raw, a healthy food place and ate them on a park bench, I even got to see 'Tan Man' who is literally the colour of leather and a regular at the beach!

We walked up and down the shore while Miranda pointed out the mountains in the background and where they have been and what we have planned the next few weeks. We grabbed some dinner stuff from the supermarket and headed back to their apartment. Miranda and James were both working (employers have to pay double on bank holidays so it was too god to miss!) so I chatted with Debbie and Paul, James mum and fiancée and had. Little snooze.

Miranda cooked kangaroo kebabs and salad for dinner, it was really tasty, like a cross between lamb and beef but sweet and lean. Being quite tired we went to bed early, which was a sleep over in the lounge for Miranda and I, with an interruption from James coming in from work at 11 making bacon sandwiches and wanting to get in on girly time!!

I realise I have not been numbering the things I have done so far off the bucket list so here is a quick update:

Chapter 26 Badders Bucket List

2. Go to a gig
3. Have a Singapore sling
7. Read a GOOD book (I've started it...)
8. Passport stamp
26. Daily reflection in journal form (I am cheating slightly and using this blog!?!)

Lots planned for tomorrow...

Love Nikki xXx

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