Monday, 29 April 2013

Hungover in Fitzroy

As I didn't get to sleep until 6.40, or around then as that was the last message I sent on my phone, it wasn't surprising we woke up with hangovers! We still got up and showered and felt a little better but needed coffee. Miranda was feeling worse than me during the day and after coffees we got the tram to Fitzroy, where she was feeling nauseous on the journey. We walked along the main street dipping in and out of shops, the nauseous feeling was not leaving Miranda and it got worse when the little cafes were serving food! We got some drinks and went and sat in a side street for a while, right by more street art and a secret garden style garden centre.

After a bit of a rest we wandered back to a shop where I liked some dresses and tried them on, probably not the wisest to buy 2 dresses and 2 tops when travelling with a backpack...after retail therapy we went to 'little creatures' brewery hall. It was a really cool place and if not hungover I could have tried all the beers! We had some bread and dips and a scooner of pale ale and were falling asleep, hair of the dog didn't quite work.

We went back to the hostel for a nap, only disturbed a little by the Asian girl...still dubious on the sexuality as she has wigs about her stuff. Miranda thought she was huddled over in her things the way one was laying! After a nap we fought through headaches to get ready and grabbed paracetamol on route to a bar. We found the bar we were looking for and as we got to the top floor in the bar I turned to say to Miranda I would have to go as my head was pounding she was going into the bathroom as she was close to being sick...we are not cut out for full on drinking!! We left the bar, I got some food on the way back (and a cookie for Miranda in case she was hungry later) and went for a natter.

Event though we felt we should have been on a big night out for our last night it worked out well and we thought we would be able to make the most of the next day. We chatted in our bunks, Miranda nibbled on the cookie and we both felt better!

Love Nikki xXx

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