Monday, 29 April 2013

Last day...

It was the last full day in Australia! It was quite sad to wake up and pack :( luckily it stripper roommate was quiet when she got back at 4am, quite funny to think we got in after her the night before! Unfortunately we did wake the Asian roommate packing up, she was a funny one...while I was brushing my teeth she was at the sink next to me, Miranda sitting on the bench looking at the floor. I saw her put white cream all over her face, she looked like the moon from the Mighty Boosh! I thought it was a bit odd as the cream was so thick but assumed it was this lightening cream Asians use to look paler...well the phrase to assume makes an ass out of u and me was never truer as she pulled out a razor and shaved her face. Not just where men grown a beard but the whole face...hence the moon lookalike...I was desperate for Miranda to look up as she had already missed the forehead being shaved, Miranda did eventually raise her head and her jaw dropped! She was shaving her nose at this point, I felt the need to interrupt Mirandas stare and she got in the shower. When the Asian had finished the rest of her face I asked Miranda if she had closed her mouth yet, I knew she shouldn't be in a female dorm, and her flip flops looked big!

We put our bags in the lockers and got the tram down to St Kilda for the day. Mirandas dad used to live on Fitzroy street so we went to number 97 where he lived on route to breakfast. We had a scrummy breakfast, first proper non hangover meal and walked around the shops. I got a sports bag from Sportsgirl as needed the extra room for my shopping I had done!

We got a smoothie and walked along the esplanade, and saw an impressive sand sculpture being made. We found a nice place to sit and chill before Miranda left at 4 for her flight, mine wasn't until 00.35 so I stayed and people watched. It was too hard to leave the beautiful view so I got a take away pizza and watched the sunset, a perfect way to say goodbye to Australia and reflect on the trip.

It felt like a long time since leaving the UK when I was sat there and yet yesterday at the same time. So much had been crammed into such a short space of time, this is all thanks to Miranda and her organisational skills. To think I had seen a concert, drank the famous Singapore sling, eaten amazing chilli crab, jumped out a place, snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef, white water rafted, surfed (kind of), got feathers in my hair, fed lambs, gambled, climbed a mountain, held a koala, fed a kangaroo, skinny dipped, walked through a rainforest, stood under a waterfall, paddle boarded on the Pacific, drank wine in the hunter valley, ran on summer bay beach, saw a show at the opera house, sunbathed on Bondi beach, sipped cocktails on rooftop bars, seen some amazing buildings and skylines, walked on beautiful beaches and finally read an book for adults, I am so grateful.

The lady in the winery said life is too short to drink wine you don't like, I agree and am so lucky I have amazing friends to enjoy the nice wine with!! I felt a bit pressured when people said I would feel differently after this trip, but they were right, although I am not a different person, just me with more experience and a wider outlook.

Time so get on with Chapter 27...

The End.

Love Nikki xXx

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