Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mount Cooroora

The weather was better when we woke up this morning so we decided to take on the challenge of Mount Cooroora or Mount Pomona as its locally known. It was a 45 minute drive out to Pomona and we parked at the foot of the Mountain, it was pretty big when we drove up to it and looked quite steep at the top. Miranda and James had climbed it before so Miranda knew what she was in for...

I think I can count this as climbing outdoors as you had to use all four limbs at times it was almost vertical. Climbing outdoors was No.11 on the list, nice to have another one scrubbed off. It was also wet and slippy in places as it drizzled a little on the way up, but the silver lining was being above a rainbow when we got to the top! It took about an hour to get to the top with a few breaks and was so beautiful when we got there. You could see the ocean and miles of land inland, simply gorgeous! There is a 'king of the mountain' challenge each year where people race up and down it from the town, the quickest is 22 minutes, absolutely mental!!

The walk/climb/skid on your bum down was trickier than getting up it! We took our time and stopped at the different lookout points as it was clearer than when we walked up. It was such a good walk and nice to enjoy something Miranda does regularly out here. Think she will need a more sturdy rain jacket than the little yellow mac when hiking back in the UK though! The pictures of the actual mountain are off the Internet but the views etc are what we saw today, the weather and clouds change so fast.

Miranda had her last shift before our road trip in the evening so I had a nap and did a little more booking of things for the trip and for dinner ready.

I am really excited for the next stage of the trip, with a bit of camping and city exploring, although I have packed a lot in time is going so quickly!!

Love Nikki xXx

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