Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Port Douglas

It was a fairly relaxed morning as we had packed the night before ready for our flights to Cairns to drive onto Port Douglas. You only have to be at the airport 30 mins before a flight and they don't check your passport either, more like getting a train really.

The flight was short, only 2 hours and while Miranda dozed I daydreamed out the window looking for cloud animals, which I pointed a dog shaped one out to Miranda and I don't think she finds it that odd a thing now!!

We waited a little for Debbie and Paul's flight to come in before getting the hire car, Paul was disappointed with the one in Mooloolaba so James was under pressure to get a good one this time. We have a Holden Comador (Vauxhall but don't think we have s british equivalent) it has a V6 engine so much better for the hills and Paul seemed to enjoy the drive along the coast to Port Douglas, reminded me of berts brow outside Guisborough at times, it was pretty steep and some good bends!! It was raining on and off at the start too and I saw the end of a rainbow in the sea, sadly no pot of gold or bag of skittles...!

The villa hadn't been cleaned when we arrived, some mix up with the cleaning company and booking agent but the villa manager turned up quickly and was really apologetic. She recommended the yacht club for dinner as a real Port Douglas experience so we headed there. It was not what I expected in the boat shoes and white linen and was very laid back and great food. I had a seafood platter of battered prawns, scallops, calamari and fish with chips and salad for $20 (£15ish). Also had a different Aussie pale ale '50 lashes' but in a scooner, smaller than a pint but bigger than a half!

We stopped in Coles on the way back for supplies, I love a foreign supermarket and took a couple of pictures wandering round, mostly of funny headlines, vegemite and a massive selection of Tim Tams!! They also don't sell alcohol in supermarkets in Queensland but have 'bottle shops' next door, with a walk in fridge of beer!

We got back to a lovely clean villa, had a few beers and looked through the surfing photos. Not surprisingly there were not many of me as I spent most of my time under the waves rather than on the board but they got some great shots of Debbie and Paul, a few of Miranda and got lucky with a couple of me!!

Love Nikki xXx

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