Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Shopping, surfing...well trying to!

With James on nights it is just me, Miranda, Debbie and Paul for the day. Miranda has been so organised with having us staying and making the most of things all of us wanted to do on the same days we today was surf lessons!

We drove up to Eumundi to have a couple of hours at the markets before heading to Noosa for the surf. The market was really good, not your usual tut more craft and original stuff. Lots of handmade jewellery and since I had only brought one necklace I got another, a blue material chain with colourful pendant on the end. I also bought a nice ring for myself (No.14 on the list), an amber stone on a steel twisted ring, handmade by the guy selling them, although will no doubt buy more jewellery as there is a nice shop in Mooloolaba too. Miranda and I also got feathers in our's not a tacky thing like a braid and lasts up to 3 months!! We both got a blue and a blonde patterned one, I feel like I'm properly on holiday now and work will think I'm more of a hippy eco warrior when they see it!!

After some yummy noodles we headed onto Noosa Head for our surf lesson with 'learn to surf', Noosa was quite posh and the houses looked fancy a d we may be going back for dinner one night. Our lessons were with 'learn to surf' and they guarantee you will stand once by the end of the lesson...we were sure they would have their work cut out for them!

We got our boards and headed down for to the beach with Stephano and had a surf safety talk, where we learned to respect the ocean. We did some land practise on where to be on the board and the first stage, which is a chicken wing type press up. After three waves practising this and getting balance we got back on the beach for the next steps. It was my fist time fully in the sea and it was warm, not a shock at all to get into. The next steps were to find your sweet spot (feet at the back of the board), have your left foot ready to push and right leg bent at the knee, then push your bum in the air place your right foot down and swing your left leg round...easy as that...!! It did remind me of the scene in 'forgetting Sarah Marshall' with the whole too much, do less, no do more thing as you have to do it slowly while not looking at your feet and avoiding other people.

Debbie must have been a surfer in another life as she was great, up on the board after a couple of goes, Paul wasn't too far behind and I had a couple of ok stands at the beginning. I think I started to think too much as I got tired and got worse towards the end (when the guy with the camera arrived). It was great fun and I did more than I thought but still definitely a way to go. Miranda wasn't bad, despite the extra attention from Stephano!! He had the hots for her and in his French accent was saying 'she is distracting, Stephano has fallen in love eh', I'll point out he is mid 50s, he even threatened private lessons if she didn't stand up on the board!! Cheeky!

The 2 hours flew past but we were all knackered by the end and chuffed at our skills. We headed back to Mooloolaba, Miranda went to work and ordered us take out pizzas which I collected later to have in with James before the night shift. I chilled, watched neighbours, which I haven't done for years so was a bit odd and went to meet Miranda from work at 8.30. She was still busy so I went and got some frozen yogurt, warned it is paid for in weight and ate it at the bar with Miranda while she cleaned up. It poured down while I was there, really heavy rain that only lasted a couple of minutes and was still warm.

Such a tiring day and I have bruises forming from being dumped in the sand but well worth it. Just have to wait until tomorrow to see the pictures as 'learn to surf' post them on their Facebook page, I hope they managed to get a photo quick enough to catch me standing!! I did get a couple of Eumundi and the old style petrol station!

Love Nikki xXx

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  1. I want to see the feathers! Sounds awesome. Xxx wray