Monday, 1 April 2013

So long Singapore...

Sadly my last day in Singapore came round too quickly although a lot had been packed in at the same time. The temperature was particularly hot and clear in the morning so would be really uncomfortable to be out in it so we enjoyed some time by the pool...perhaps a little too long as both Lottie and I got a bit burnt :( On the plus side I did race through a whole 20 pages of the GOOD book Lottie brought me, The Alchemist, and I didn't have a Roald Dahl book hidden inside it!!

After we headed up to the apartment for a break from the sun the clouds came over and gave a little thunder and lightening storm which was pretty cool but not the magnitude they can be.

As it was my last day and needed to be at the airport for 10.30 we went for an earlier dinner on Boat Quay. The Indian restaurant was in a great location overlooking the Fullerton Hotel with the top left of the Marina Bay Sands in the background. After a tasty Indian, which was so much lighter and less greasy than in the UK we walked round Boat Quay and through the Fullerton Hotel onto Marina Bay to watch the light show at 9.30. As we were a bit early we wandered along the quay in and out of the posh hotels to get a bit of cooling down from the air con and a quick zip up to The Lantern bar on top of the Fullerton One hotel for a different view.

We settled down to watch the light show on a marble bench, it was very impressive and such a fitting end to the stay, the last song was 'what a wonderful world' and I couldn't agree more!!

Love Nikki xXx

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