Sunday, 14 April 2013

Stubby drinking and silly talk with truckers!

Another needed lazy morning, we had done so much the last few days it was good to be chilled. We had a quick trip back to the plaza and got a jacket, as it could be cold out in the country and packed up all our stuff and said goodbye to Mooloolaba. Miranda and I went for lunch at Augellos, where Miranda works, and shared a pasta and an award winning tuna pizza. It was amazing, designed on a tuna sushi roll the base had seeds in it and instead of tomato sauce had avocado, mango and strawberries...yummy!

Miranda and James friend Antony (Kirky) picked us up in his land cruiser and we got his girlfriend Lauren (Quinny) from the hospital and started the journey. They are their double date friends and its Quinnys famy farm we were going to in Goondiwindi. We stopped at a town called Killroy on the way and filled the eski (cool box) with XXXX from a drive through Bottleo and got some snacks. I really need to do an Aussie/British translation, there are so many things, crates of beer are cartons, tax discs are rego's etc. I didn't realise quite how remote Goondiwindi was until we got to a tiny town and Quinny said there was nothing between this and Goondi, which was 145 km! In total the journey was 6 hours but it didn't feel that long as we were drinking the stubbys and messing around on the walkie talkies with truckies on the way and I spent a lot of time staring at the sky as the stars were amazing. We worked out our phonetic names, although James used 'secret squirrel' as I don't think he liked Juliet Romeo!

We also went past the 'big pineapple' and then the 'big mower', it seems some random thing towns do, so ill be looking out for other 'big' things on route.

We arrived at house in the dark, and Quinnys mum, Kath, had cooked us dinner and we sat and learnt about their farm and general Aussie life. There is a local school which has 8 students, but has tennis courts and some amazing facilities for just 8kids. The royal Fergies sister used to live in gundi and one of Kaths friends got a letter from her after knotting them jumpers with Christmas animals on them. It was so interesting and the Quinns were so welcoming. Big Kev, Quinnys dad was happy for us to play on the farm machinery the next day and we were hoping for some new lambs to be born.

Love Nikki xXx

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