Monday, 22 April 2013

Summer bay running and campsite wine drinking

We woke up without sore heads surprisingly from the wine, must be our expensive tastes or that we have built up a tolerance! We were going to try and get into the blue mountains but it would be a lot of driving and weather reports were that it would be cold and wet so we headed for palm beach, where home and away is filmed, north of Sydney.

it didn't take long to get there and we did our usual of getting coffees and muffins and enjoyed them on the beach. It was a little chilly when the sun was behind the cloud and definitely getting more autumnal now, even got gooseys for the first time! After our parking ran out we went a little further along to summer bay, which was the bit we recognised for filming home and away and the kiosk was being renovated. Miranda was throwing her trainers away to save space before Sydney so it was the last chance to run the mile that was No.17 on the list. I did take some persuading as I hate running and had a cold/cough. Anyway we got into our sports stuff and set off, Miranda taking a detour onto soft sand, not ideal and burnt like hell. I also had a coughing fit during the run, which with a full bladder was not ideal!! Miranda had turned into some crazed person and channelled her inner Mr Motivator and was spouting all sorts of rubbish 'you can do it' etc. I have never hated Miranda before, but towards the end of the run and a little bit after I was not too happy! I eventually did feel good about doing it after a shower, a drink and some food. I am just not built for running!!

We left palm beach to head to Manly, a little further south and it was so windy when we got there. We were undecided as to what to do in the evening so when we realised the closest campsite to Manly was 40mins away we got some snack stuff to enjoy with more wine at the campsite and decided to cook by the beach in Shelley Bay rather than go out. Shelley Bay was also a little chilly and we would have been split between the beach bbqs and van to cook the meal so headed to the campsite instead. It was really nice having the flexibility to go where we wanted and change plans with the van and were both going to miss it.

The campsite was big and right by the sea, we cooked up a tasty chicken pasta dinner with the fancy ingredients we got in the hunter valley while tipsy, and enjoyed a bottle of nice wine and then finished off the goon, No.18 on the list. After dinner we walked to the beach with our goon and watched the sunset and a pelican catching fish. It was really beautiful and perfect end to the road trip.

After the sun went down we went back to the van for a bottle of hunter valley red, and various antipasti and crackers. We pretty much stuffed our faces and got cosy for our last night. Earlier we had gone to get a dvd from the reception, it was slim pickings with fishing, kids or poor American films. My choice was James and the Giant Peach, but since I need to grow up from Roald Dahl we went for pride and prejudice.

It was absolutely shocking, it was a cheap American adaptation and quickly got past the its so bad it's funny stage so we turned it off! It was a little chilly so we had a little spoon and Miranda made the most of my rear radiator!!

Love Nikki xXx

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