Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The jucy adventure begins!

Woke up and Miranda been attacked by a hungry mosquito, 75 bites on her left leg and 15 on her right. It was really uncomfortable so she went and got some lotions and potions before getting train to pick up the jucy van. It was nice to spend some time in Brisbane before leaving the sunny coast and drive the 919km to Sydney, that is just the km on the highway, so no doubt we will be doing a lot more with detours.

We got our 1998 van and I did the first drive out of Brisbane down the Gold Coast where we stopped at broad beach for some lunch and a little sunbathing. We then moved down to surfers paradise, the more backpackers area as the sun had gone in on broad beach due to the massive buildings. The beaches were lovely but had less character than the ones further north. After it cooled we got Miranda a dress to cover some of the bites and our food for the next few days to BBQ at the campsites. Unfortunately when we got back to the van we had a parking ticket! We had misread the parking sign and parked in a pay and display area so got a $50 fine :( oops, first camping mistake!

We found our way to the tourist park camp site in main beach and checked in and found our pitch. Started to get our bearings around the van and then realised we had forgotten goon/wine!! So drove back out to get a box and had a few glasses while cooking dinner.

There were a few other groups of people staying and we overheard a few inappropriate conversations while eating, as their were families around...turns out later we met said group and ticked No19 off the list!! We made our chickpea burger wraps as we had had a few days of bad eating and got ready in the toilets!

We went into town a bit early and everywhere was quiet until about 10 o clock but we had a cocktail in the avenue bar and while taking pictures and cheeky Essex chappy kept getting in on them, turns out his friend was surprised Miranda was from SW and after entertaining their conversations for a while they got us some cocktails.

We headed onto club liv, where it was ladies night so free entry for ladies and they give you a cup and you can get whatever you like from the bar all night!! The vodka was definitely watered down as we didn't feel that drunk and this was where we met the group of 3 Irish guys and 4 Irish girls and Frank the Tank who had met them on Fraser and lived on the Gold Coast. The ones from the campsite earlier in the day, they didn't think we could understand them as assumed we were Swedish drinking goon! The list came up in conversation and a suggestion made to get 19 compete as we were in the right location. It was a pretty funny night and so cheap for us, only the cost of a bus, taxi and round of cocktails!

Love Nikki xXx

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