Saturday, 27 April 2013

Walking tour, chilli tea at Cookies and Temper Trap

We both had a rubbish nights sleep as the room was so stuffy but rather than faff about we got up and out, avoiding showering in the cubicle with sick in it...

As we were in need of coffee and didn't have our bearings we went for a quick breakfast at Maccas. It did the trick and we were ready for the free walking your at 10.30. You basically meet a guide and then too what you feel at the end of the 3 hours, I did one in Berlin in November which gave us the idea to look one up. My favourite but was the street art, it changes everyday and was really amazing. Various people were featured including Ned Kelly and a gangster 'Chopper Read' who cut his ear off as well as celebs.

It was a really good way to get our bearings as covered a large part of the city. It was also a good mix of history, art and suggestions on things to do in the city. The weather had held up too, Melbourne can be known for 4 seasons in a day so we had rain macs, jumpers and summer tops!

After the tour we went shopping in the dfo, a discounted mall and I got some nice gym stuff from Lorna Jane. Think I will need it as an incentive to exercise after all the booze! We left the mall and walked back to the hostel in the rain for a quick change and went out for dinner.

We went to Cookies as it was somewhere Miranda had been recommended by several people and Lottie had sent her an article when she first moved out to Australia which had mentioned it. We got there just in time as it was packed!! We had a couple of beers and shared some dumplings, beef with chilli and pork with peanut and lemongrass. It was really spicy but so delicious, so much Miranda thought her ears were going to fall off from the heat but couldn't stop eating it! The cocktail menu was incredible and there was the perfect cocktail for me, Enlytenment, the explanation was just like my trip!! Miranda had the espresso martini and they were also absolutely delicious.

We walked across the city to festival hall where we had tickets to see temper trap, it was just like going to gigs when I was younger and a small venue with sticky black wooden floor. We got a couple of beers and enjoyed the support bands, the second, Alpine, Miranda recognised from her iPod of Pascale's music. Temper trap were really good, his voice was amazing and we had added entertainment from a couple who seemed off their tree and necking on the whole time! People around us were heckling them at one point, Miranda was disgusted but as I was sporting my bright orange backpack moving around was tricky so we stayed put. It was a really good mixed night of cocktails and music after a cultured morning!

Love Nikki xXx

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